The Arcade Room 2 is a particularly small room, like that of the Arcade Room 1. Like the other Arcade Room, Arcade Room 2 contains many different arcade machines for kids' entertainment. Pete the Pig and Bane the Bull can sometimes be seen hanging around the room. Pete tends to stare at the camera from a distance, his mouth agape. Ray will also run through towards the far end on his way to the office after leaving.

From time to time, Pete will move closer towards the camera, a more sinister grin upon his face. Bane can also be seen staring at the camera with his head tilted at an angle, his mouth hanging open like that of Pete, Rachel and Doug. Bane also seems to have his hand curled into a fist. Bane and Pete are able to appear in the same room together.


The Arcade Room 2 is filled with old and vintage arcade machines. In the center of the room, a large ( supposedly ) metal pole protrudes from the ground, acting as balancing support for the building. In the left hand corner of the room, a single arcade machine can be seen, its screen illuminated. In the back and side of the room are three more arcade machines each, all of their screens can be seen as they brightly fill the room with light. They seem to be in some disarray, however, tilted over at precarious angles. The Arcade Room 2 is otherwise not really any different than Arcade Room 1.

Trivia Edit

  • The arcades in this room are in more disrepair than the ones in Arcade Room 1. Many have screens flashing on and off instead of simply buzzing static, and several are titled onto each other. This could imply that the secondary arcade is actually a storage room for out-of-service arcades to be repaired.
  • Similar to Arcade Room 1, the camera has a wide panning range despite the small size of the room.
    • However, it is not important here, as Pete, Bane, and Ray appear clearly from the starting position of the camera when refreshing it, while in Arcade Room 1 Doug is hidden on the far left.
  • Unlike its counterpart, Arcade Room 2 is a separate room with two entrances, as opposed to an open side area.
    • Since Doug and Rachel cannot be seen in Arcade Room 1 from the dining area anyway, there is practically no difference anyway.
    • It is also worth noting that the camera is in the direction of the office, as Ray can be seen running away from the camera view.