"You can hide. You can run. Close the doors".

This article may feature content from the game trailer, which is not considered fully canon.

The Thing's Mechanical Curtains are a game mechanic in Those Nights at Rachel's. It will prevent The Thing from attacking you; it will only kill you if the curtains that conceal it open fully, much like the music box's mechanic in FNaF2. When the curtains are fully open, The Thing will escape within 5 seconds and attack the player. The player has the option to go into the backroom when facing towards it which allows them to close the curtains (by using the SPACEBAR key shown in the image below), giving them more time to check on the other animatronics. The curtains increase their opening speed as each night goes by.

Advantages Edit

  • They allow the player to prevent or delay The Thing's attack.
  • Hiding in the back room can delay an animatronic entering; however, despite the trailer saying otherwise, the animatronic will still find the player eventually.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The curtains open automatically despite being indoors, not leaning as such that they would open naturally, and the Thing not pulling them, as if they were mechanical curtains designed for a puppet show. Considering the Thing being a decommissioned animatronic, this may explain why they do not either stay shut or open right away.
  • The player may check the curtains too much on the early nights in paranoia, drawing their attention away from Ray and the other animatronics.
  • They seem to open faster the longer they are ignored.
  • Pulling the curtains shut is not instantaneous, as the player must hold the space-bar. If the player does not hold space long enough, they may not close the curtains completely and move away before realizing.
  • Ray will not be delayed by hiding in the backroom.
  • The player has a chance of seeing Shadow Rachel when they turn towards the back-room, who may crash the game. Checking the curtains too often increases the chances of this happening.

Curtains from a video.(Gameplay)With tutorials.