The Dining Area is a location in Those Nights at Rachel's within Doug's and Rachel's. It is right below the Show Stage and is also directly above the South Hall, which is one of the animatronics' main ways into your office. Both Rachel and Doug can appear in the Dining Area at once as well as individually.


The Dining Room is a large room which occupies most of the restaurant. Many tables are set in rows in front of the stage for ( supposedly ) birthday parties. The Dining Area has the same tiled background as the rest of the restaurant, along with the same strip of checkered patterns like the other parts of the restaurant. The tables, which have a colourful and kiddish cover draped on top, also have balloons hovering in clusters above them. It is unknown what colour the balloons are due to the monitor showing black and white images on the cameras.

Two stereos can be seen directly next to the Show Stage ( which couldn't be seen in the Show Stage cam ), one on each side of the stage. Two speakers can be identified on the large amps ( the bottom one being the largest ) on the right side of the stage, however, the leftmost stereo is obscured by the Show Stage, preventing the speakers fro being exposed.

The Show Stage can be seen even more; the stage seems to be rather small in height and has a roundish look to it. Doug and Rachel seem to be on some kind of mini platform, a bigger platform attached from behind the two bulky animatronic mascots. Atop of the bigger platform stand Pete and Bane, who can be seen far back in the background. Another poster can be seen hung up on the wall beside the stage.