The door monitor panel is a mechanic used to toggle the doors and monitor the player's power usage. The panel is at the left of the Monitor. It has two large buttons with corresponding green buttons next to them, turning the left and right doors on and off using the 'Z' key and 'X' key, respectively. The used door button turns red when on and the other will turn yellow. They will return to green once the closed door is reopened. A power usage bar (amount), power remaining bar (%), and door limit bar (essentially a binary bar in the form 1, 0) track the building's power consumption, remaining power rating, and number of closed doors at any given time. It is worth noting that using the cameras also drains significant amounts of power.

The Door Panel used to open and close the doors

Advantages (Doors) Edit

  • Animatronics can be blocked off and will quickly leave (as opposed to the alternative of hiding under the desk, which may cause them to take longer to investigate).
  • The doors can block Ray from entering while hiding under the desk stalling time by entering the back room cannot; however, the player must guess which.
  • If the player sees Ray gone from the hut or running, they can safely assume he is approaching the right door and close it as opposed to having to guess.
  • The player can still check the other door, move around, and do other things while one door is shut.
  • The doors act instantaneously, as opposed to hiding which takes more time to initiate and is slower at convincing the animatronics to leave.
  • The doors provide faster cues to when an animatronic has left, and can be checked faster.

Disadvantages (Doors) Edit

  • Only one door can be toggled at a time, forcing the player to hide if both entrances have animatronics in front of them.
  • The doors consume much more power than the cameras, while hiding consumes no power.
  • The player still has to monitor the open door while one is closed, and may have to switch them quickly once the first animatronic has left, or hide if it hasn't and another one is there. In other words, the doors are not providing absolute safety since only one can be closed at a time.
  • Closing and opening the doors takes more time than hiding.
  • It is easy to confuse the door buttons (Z is left, X is right).
  • Since animatronics always approach the doors in pairs, one must check the door as soon as they re-open it in case the other of the pair has approached right after.
  • The player cannot check doors after opening them and close them again if needed as quickly as hiding under the desk again, since they must press a key to close one.

Advantages (Usage Bars) Edit

  • The power usage bar helps the player remember if they have forgotten a door closed, and helps them decide to change their strategy if they are using too much power
  • The power remaining bar indicates the amount of power left, so the player can plan and conserve if needed
  • The doors limit bar reminds the player if any doors are closed as well.

Disadvantages (Usage Bars) Edit

  • The player cannot view the door monitor panel and do anything else, such as view the cameras.
  • Clicking anywhere outside the panel hit-box will trigger the Rachel bobble-head Easter Egg, which may startle the player or waste time.
  • The doors must be triggered with keys.
  • The power of the building limits the number of doors to one closed at any time.
  • The panel, like the cameras and the curtains, is completely useless if the power fails.