Appearance Edit

Doug has sharp teeth, and the majority of his endoskeleton mouth is invisible, although two teeth from the bottom jaw can be faintly seen. Unlike the other TNAR animatronics, he also has visible black eyebrows

Doug has gold eyes, a droopy left eyelid, and floppy ears. Like Rachel, Doug has a bow tie, which is yellow in color. Doug's animatronic suit features the generic TNAR arms and legs, excluding the purple pads on his palms and the soles of his feet.

Similarities to FNAFEdit

Doug's teeth and general facial structure are similar to Foxy's.            

Like Foxy, Doug is the only canine animal of his group, this includes Ray since he isn't a canine.            


He begins moving Night 1 on the Main Stage to the left of Rachel. He then takes a path to your left door. Close him off with the Z key. His major jumpscare is him grabbing you then punching you in the face, just like Ignited Bonnie from The Joy Of Creation.

  • Doug is the only character in the game after Ray who doesn't have an E in his name.
  • Like Rachel, Doug can also be seen in Five Nights at Candy's 3 as a plush.
  • Like Ignited Bonnie from TJOC:R his jumpscare includes him punching your face.
  • Doug's coloration may suggest the breed of dog he is supposed to be is a Border Collie or more commonly known as a Sheep Dog.

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