The East Hall is a location in Those Nights at Rachel's within Doug's and Rachel's. The East Hall can be found directly to the right of the Dining Area on the mini-map. The East Hall is also directly in front of the Racoon's Hut, which is the home of Ray the Racoon.

Bane the Bull and Pete the Pig can occasionally be seen farther down the hallway. Bane the Bull can be found in a slightly bent over position while Pete can be seen standing straight up in leftmost part of the hallway. Pete the Pig and Bane the Bull will sometimes move closer towards the camera. Bane will be standing in front of the camera where he is seen staring at the wall beside the camera. Pete the Pig will move closer to the posters in a sort of slouched position, his mouth open wide.


The first thing that you will probably notice is the entrance for Racoon's Hut, which is the home of Ray the Racoon. From the view of the camera, you will be able to see the inside of the Racoon's Hut area from the East Hall. In front of the entrance to Racoon's Hut is a sign with big letters on it that state 'Warning'. The words that are beneath the 'Warning' sign are unidentifiable as of this moment.

Down the hallway are posters which are strung up along the restaurant's walls, featuring Doug the Dog and Rachel the Rabbit. A couple of chairs, which can be seen are in crooked positions, are seen littered throughout the hallway. The floor is a checkered pattern and a rectangular line can be seen attached along the sides of the hallway walls, with the same checkered pattern and is outlined by another sort of rectangular line.