Flashlight is a game mechanic in Those Nights at Rachel's. It helps the player to see dark areas (excluding those within the cameras on the monitor) within the Doug's 'n Rachel's restaurant. It is activated by right-clicking. The player can check the door entries for stage animatronics with it, look at how wide the curtains are open in the back-room, (useful more in Hard Mode as it is darker), and shine light down the back room hall, at doors to see if they are closed, or at the monitor to see if it is off. The flashlight will not work when viewing the cameras, or during the cut-scene at the end of the fifth night, although the player can still click it. It is supposedly respectively unable to flash light at the cameras, and out of battery in the cut-scene.

Advantages Edit

  • Allows player to see dark areas (Mostly down the halls near the office).
  • When shining any hall, It will help the player see which character is at the doors if they are open, or if they are closed.
  • When shining the gift-box in the back-room, it can reveal how far along the curtains are. This is more applicable in Hard Mode as the back-room (and the rest of the building) is much darker.
  • Allows the player to read the newspaper articles behind the door monitor.