Hard mode is a much harder version of Those Nights at Rachel's, released soon after the original. It is a separate game technically, as it was released separately, but will share nightly progress and the availability of the Extras menu with the normal game.

It is obviously not recommended to begin playing in this mode, especially as the player may not know to close the curtains on The Thing until Phone Guy mentions it, and then be jump-scared before they have a chance to.

Hard mode, is, as the name clearly implies, much more difficult than the original, has an eerier crimson lighting as opposed to Normal Mode's smooth white, features smoother animations, and increased difficulty due to the darkness of the building. The player will have to react much more quickly than in the normal version of the game, as all the animatronics are active on Night 1 this time. The animatronics take on the same sort of appearance as the Phantom Animatronics in FNAF3, being darkened and charred as though they had been in a fire. The menu screen and lighting throughout the building is also now a dark crimson, and the eyes and teeth of the animatronics are glowing red instead of the eyes glowing white and the teeth being non-luminescent.

Differences between the Normal and Hard Version Edit

  1. All the animatronics are active on Night 1, almost immediately. The player must therefore be on their guard right away.
  2. The animatronics appear burnt and charred to varying extents, and are often silhouetted in the cameras, only their eyes and teeth giving them away in many cases.
  3. While in the original game, only the animatronics' eyes glowed a soft white, the Hard Mode has both their eyes and teeth glowing red. This makes it slightly easier to see the otherwise well-disguised animatronics though, particularly in the naturally darker rooms. This does not seem to apply to Ray or the Thing as much, which may be due to the fact that the player does not get clear glimpses of them unless they attack.
  4. The entire building, as well as the main menu, is lit up in a dark crimson colour much like a Halloween theme. This is in spite of the game being released in February. Rachel and Doug will also appear black with red outlining and facial cavities as opposed to blue silhouettes with white facial cavities in the normal game, as a warning.
  5. Beating the game unlocks The Thing in the extras alongside the other characters, although they will all appear as from the normal game. Beating the normal game also allows the player to see the Hard Mode extras.

Trivia Edit

  • Shadow Rachel remains active in this version, possibly more active, and may still crash the game at random when seen while turning towards the back room.
  • Despite the environment being clearly darker and the robots more hostile, the Phone Guy's dialog is the same as if the guard was in the normal restaurant, possibly implying that the calls were now messages.
  • The breathing sounds of the guard in this game and the normal version are the same, possibly a neglected feature, possibly identifying them as the same person.
  • It is possible that the restaurant had been closed and the guard had returned out of curiosity or had been forced to somehow. It is speculated that the animatronics as they appear in Hard Mode preview their even more damaged appearances in the teasers for Those Nights at Rachel's 2.