Jump-scares are a mechanic normally signifying the end of the game, or the end of the cut-scene at the end of the last night in Normal Mode. All animatronics perform jump-scares, and with the exception of Shadow Rachel, all of them make loud screeches as part of their attack. Each animatronic has three to four jump-scares for each mode, variant on whether they have "increased awareness" to find the player hiding or not. Again, the only exception is Shadow Rachel. The Thing also has a special jump-scare in the cut-scene.

Glitches Edit

  • Rachel's jump-scare from the left door or the monitors is rendered wrong, as so she appears to lack her head while attacking. This also applies to Hard Mode.
  • Very rarely, a character may jump-scare the player without appearing at the door they are supposed to come from.

Trivia Edit

  • The Thing is the only animatronic who can jump-scare the player in the dark, and is one of two along with Ray who can jump-scare the player when they are under the desk.
  • When facing the back-room without entering, Shadow Rachel can jump-scare the player randomly and rarely, and rarely crash the game. She seems to be more common to encounter in Hard Mode.
    • This also makes this direction the only place from which all seven animatronics can jump-scare the player.
    • Shadow Rachel's jump-scare is also one of only two that do not kill the player; the other is The Thing's in the player's dream during the Night 5 cut-scene.