The monitor is a game mechanic in Those Nights at Rachel's. The player uses it to view animatronics from cameras. It must be turned on using space before each use and closed using space before turning or moving, (the exception being leaning out towards the left door using E or the northeast arrow button). The cameras can be switched between by clicking on the green squares, and the active one will be highlighted white. They are named, but not numbered.

There isn't any mechanic like a music box in the monitor. The player, however, has to check Ray the Raccoon in the Racoon Hut cam, or he will run towards the office. The monitor's default focus is the stage.  

Monitor with the west hall on screen in normal mode, empty.

Advantages Edit

  • Allows the player to slow down Ray's approach, so much as to never let him escape.
  • Reveals animatronics leaving the stage. This is especially useful in later nights and on Hard Mode when they may go straight to the office hallways.
  • The cameras change quickly and have wide hit-boxes.
  • Allows the player to monitor the stage animatronics' movements.
  • Allows the player to tell if any animatronics are by the doors.
  • When leaving the monitor at a camera with a wider pan, returning later will reveal the left half and any animatronics hiding on that side (the default start is right each time a cam is entered).


  • It drains power when online.
  • The player can't change the monitors' view when you lean out to check the door.
    • This also applies for doing anything else.
  • The cameras always default right and pan left and right, allowing animatronics to hide on the left side of the view, or in the far right which will go out of view a second after switching on the cam. This happens every time a new cam is activated, and is taken advantage of by all the stage animatronics, particularly Pete and Bane.
  • Using the monitors alone does not delay Ray.
  • The player must go check on The Thing, so they cannot watch the monitor constantly.