Pete Model from the Extra Menu.

Trivia Edit

  •  Pete's body color is pink, and he has light blue eyes. Notice that his jaw is often open, possibly because it's broken.
  • Pete will take the same path as Bane, similar to Rachel and Doug. When on the stage, he is playing a drum. His position makes it difficult to see him, as his body is in shadow apart from his white iris. This is similar to Chica from Five Nights At Freddy's.
  • One of Pete's posters has the slogan "Let's Eat!!" which is the same slogan as Chica's from the original Five Nights at Freddy's games.
  • Pete has the most generic design of all the characters, with no special lighter coloration or extra decorations. Although D 'n' R seems to have a vague Wild West theme, his is less apparent (except in his poster), and he appears to resemble more of a chef than a cowboy. His hat also appears black with silver in the dark as opposed to the normal cowboy-ish brown and white
  • He seem to hit your head on the desk while he's jumpscare the player
  • Him and Bane are the only one to have clogs.

Images Edit


Pete Model.

T PosterPete-2

Pete's high quality poster.

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