The South Hall is a location in Those Nights at Rachel's within Doug's and Rachel's. The South Hall can be seen directly to the right of the Bathroom and is the animatronics' route towards your office's left door.

Rachel the Rabbit and Doug the Dog can be seen in the hallway together. Rachel can be seen staring at the camera, shrouded in darkness in the bottom right corner while Doug can be seen further down the hallway with his mouth open wide and his white eyes staring blankly at the camera. Albeit very rarely, Rachel and Doug can be seen standing beside each other farther down the hallway.

Appearance Edit

The South Hall, having a checkered floor along with the same checkered wall that the East Hall also bears, is a particularly roomy hallway. The hallway is filled to the brim with chairs, boxes ( and what seems to look like garbage cans in the top right corner of the hallway ) along with many posters of the animatronic mascots.

From the camera's point of view, one can see that the Dining Area ( which is directly above the South Hall on the mini-map ) can be seen clearly.