Nikson has just announced his next game, Those Nights at Rachel's 2, along with a new teaser for the game. We will update you as more information is released.

Teaser 1:


The first teaser with Doug and Rachel

The first teaser for Those Nights at Rachel's 2 shows an image of a broken down Rachel and Doug standing beside each other. They stand side by side on top of a black and white checkered floor with the number two hovering above them. If the image were brightened up, one would find that 5 eerie white eyes can be seen in the background of the picture. Not only that, but the words 'from death we wait' can be found below the two animatronics. The eyes in the background are still yet to be confirmed but a very likely guess would be that the 5 eyes could belong to either Pete, Bane, or Ray.

IMG 0632

The second teaser with Pete hanging from a hook

Teaser 2:

The secondary teaser for shows Pete the Pig being hung on a metal hook by his snout. If the picture was brightened up though, one would see the words 'let's hang out' below the image of Pete which are the same words used in the Nightmare Mangle teaser. There is also a faded number two just above that. From the evidence we have so far, these new variations of the animatronics bear a strong resemblance to the Phantom Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 3. This theory can be backed up with the fact that Rachel's, Doug's ( and supposedly Pete's eyes ) have the same look as Springtrap and the Phantom Animatronics' eyes. They also have very few injuries, compared to FNAF 2's animatronics. FNAF 2's animatronics were way more decrepit and broken down compared to its successor's. Phantom Chica, Phantom Puppet, Phantom Mangle and Phantom BB seem to bear no signs of withering and only have a faded colored look to them which is the closest thing to actually being decrepit. Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy and Springtrap ( although Springtrap does not bear the ghostly faded color the other animatronics have, he does appear to be VERY ripped and torn ), however, can be viewed as severely damaged and worn down. The new versions of Rachel and Doug seem to be missing heavy parts of their design: both of them are missing one of their ears. It is hard to tell if they are missing any other important parts though. Pete, however, seems to have so severe injuries or decrepit features ( however, we can only see one side of his body. A strong chance that Pete is missing parts of his head or his other arm is still a possibility ). We will update you when there is more info...

Teaser 3:

The third teaser which is shown shows an image of what seems to be the Office. Many things can be seen cluttered on the desk top. A fan and a headlamp can be seen on the leftmost side of the desk, along with a small television/computer over the opposite side. A chair is set up in front of the desk in a crooked position, making it look like someone had just gotten off of it ( or was taken off of it by force due to the evidence in the background ). On the wall, many drawings can be seen hanging from what looks like to be thumbtacks. Although most of the drawings are obscured by the darkness, two pictures can be identified. The one nearest to the desk shows a black figure with an unidentifiable purple object hovering above it. Above the object is what seem to be very poorly written words. It is unknown of the figure's identity but some can assume that the figure resembles that of either Doug or Bane. A wavy black line can be seen protruding from the figure, which we can assume is the figure's arm. Another possibility is that the wavy line could be a tail of some sort. Doug does not bear a wavy tail like the unknown figure does; the same can be said for Bane. If the wavy line were pictured as a tail, the figure might look like some sort of feline or cat to some people. However, this could just be a very poorly drawn picture of Doug the Dog of course. The picture directly above that shows another picture of Doug the Dog. A figure in the background of the picture can be seen lurking in the shadows, showing its sharp teeth. The figure is most likely Bane the Bull or Pete the Pig, Also when brightening up this picture, You'll see a shining light -from hall-. It is known to be Bane, Pete the Pig, or The Thing.


Teaser 4:

The main focus of the fourth image for Those Nights at Rachel's 2 is Ray the Raccoon's animatronic head. From what it appears, the head is being shown upon from a sort of light source from above (supposedly a spotlight like those above the main stage in the first game). The light reveals a checker-tiled floor beneath it and an extremely detailed reflection of the disembodied head cast upon the floor. If one were to brighten up the photo, a hidden message can be seen near the bottom left corner of the image 'Your Friend'.

Teaser 5:

Teaser 5 shows Bane the Bull, possibly in a more damaged state, and lacking eye-lights, standing in the middle of a darkened area. If the picture is brightened, it reveals the line on the bottom, "Not everyone is born equal". Unlike the other pictures, this picture seems to be foggy, and dipped in a blue light. Bane's horns and part of his body seem to reflect the light, and he seems to be slightly crooked. Due to his eyes not casting any light, his head and even much of his body somewhat resembles Viking armour.

Teaser 5