The Desk is a tool used by the player to hide from the animatronics when there is one at each door at the same time. When facing the Door Monitor, the player may hide from the robots by clicking the Up arrow or pressing W, and ditto for leaving again. When under, the player should wait until they hear metallic footsteps or low thuds before climbing back out. The desk cannot be used to hide from Ray or The Thing, as noted by the Phone Guy in his company speech on Night 1.

It is also important that the player only use the desk when provided no other alternative; that is, using it with only one animatronic at one door will not always make it go away, evidenced by there not usually being loud footsteps. Since the player cannot close the doors while under the desk, they will most likely be jump-scared either when they get up or by either The Thing or Ray if they stay under, unless the power runs out or the night ends first.

If the player has closed the door on one animatronic and sees another at the second door, they should hide if the first has not left yet. However, if it has, they should quickly switch the doors instead to avoid the above trap.

Unlike the other mechanics in the game, the desk itself is not what blocks the animatronics. It simply fools most of them.

Advantages Edit

  • The desk allows the player to hide when there are multiple animatronics at the door.
  • If the player is too late to block an animatronic at the door, they can stall time by hiding.
  • The player can also stall time hiding if they enter the desk when only one animatronic is nearby.
  • Hiding after the power fails will delay The Thing's attack.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The desk may not be effective when only one animatronic is at a doorway, and may actually get the player killed if used wrongly.
  • The player cannot hide to stall time from Ray or The Thing, at least while the power is on.
  • The player cannot close doors while under the desk.
  • The desk takes longer to use than closing a door does.