The Office is a room in the Doug's and Rachel's which the player inhabits in for the whole game.

Appearance Edit

The office is a security room. At the front, the Monitor, used to see which animatronics is which and where and when they will attack when online, is visible, as well as an open door at the left hallway. A D'n'R cap hanging is also visible.

At the left, you'll see the door panel, used to control the doors and monitor power usage. Pete the Pig's poster is seen, with "Let's Eat" written on it. Toy figures of Rachel and Doug are seen as well as a desk fan, and on the wall a different newspaper clipping from the day before is posted every night. The player may interface with the panel or hide under the desk from here.

At the right, a second hallway is seen. This is the other way the animatronics can pass. A Rachel poster is seen with the words "Grand Opening" on it.

At the back, you will face and may run to the backroom, and Doug's poster on the wall, with "Grand Opening" written on it.

An office chair is seen in front of the Monitor.

Trivia Edit

  • The newspaper clippings updated daily reveal much of the story-line that is not directly stated by Phone Guy's calls.
  • Clicking anywhere on the screen other than on the panel when facing the door panel will trigger the Rachel bobble-head.
  • Rarely, turning towards the back-room reveals Shadow Rachel observing the player; she may crash the game on rare occasions. This makes her the only animatronic or entity other than The Thing to already be in or behind the office at the start of each night.
    • It is possible she teleports behind the player and observes them at random, and simply does not vanish fast enough sometimes.